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How to become an Instructor

Join today and teach students who are in need of your help in your area! TC Tech Prep offers consistent hours at a schedule of your choice.  Our classes are held at both school locations and our class center sites. As a result, many of our Instructors are able to commute and work within their own neighborhood.  TC Tech also offers the opportunity to instruct online.  

At TC Tech, we don't just look for Instructors who are academically strong. We look for Instructors who will connect with our students, as this has proven to be an important pillar for student participation and attendance. Our Instructors are a  team of people who share a passion for education and directing students to success.

Benefits to the Instructor

TC Tech offers competitive pay based on your experience, flexible hours, commission on referring students and quarterly bonuses for class achievement! Not to mention- pay is provided twice weekly. 

Don't miss the opportunity to have a fulfilling supplemental position that is flexible enough to adapt to your needs. Fill out the employment form on this page to be considered for a position!

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If you are attending a sponsored class- we offer FREE SHIPPING- book orders will be picked up on the first day of class. PLEASE NOTE: If you will not be attending class and only wish to purchase the books and get them sooner, please call customer service to place your order.