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The Ultimate ACT+SAT Prep Diagnostic Manual/Practice Software Combo

The Ultimate SAT Prep Book includes proven strategies and easy to follow steps to building a better score! The book combo includes practice software that compliments the free course that the bookline is a partial sponsor of.

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You don’t have to choose.  Online Software  +  In Person Classes = An Accelerated Score Boost!

Our classes start at free with the purchase of material! TC Tech Prep’s Ultimate ACT+ SAT Diagnostic Manual/ Practice Software Combo is a participating sponsor of free in person classes nationwide and online. Simply purchase your material to receive an email to schedule for a class near you or online.

This practice set is  an ultimate practice combination that combines a free in person introductory strategy class with online software practice.

Our drip software releases new practice material as you progress, in the form of:




Where do you sponsor In Person Courses and how do I select which class I want?

 If you haven’t registered already– after your  purchase, you’ll receive an email with class locations in your area  based on your zip code and a confirmation code in order to confirm your seat. If we don’t offer an in person class in your area, you can attend live online.  We strongly encourage you to enroll into the class immediately, due to the fact seats go very quickly. You can find out a list of class locations at

How much am I saving by purchasing this set?

Depending on your area, you are saving up to to $450 by purchasing The Ultimate SAT+ACT Prep Book Combo and getting free entry into the in person course. Most areas offer the course in person, some areas offer the free course that we sponsor online.

Is the introductory in person course less quality because it is free?

We welcome all of our customers to compare us! We offer all elements of classes  that cost $800-$1500, and have high quality Instructors who are certified in their area of expertise.  Our standard 4 week class lays a strategy base to boost your score.  Our comprehensive 8 week extended class comes with a money back guarantee.

What is the guarantee that comes with this practice set and free class?

If your score does not increase from the initial and final testing held by the course- you are welcome to retake the class with a new test manual at no additional charge.

  • $49.99
  • 182 Days
  • Course Badge
  • Course Certificate

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If you are attending a sponsored class- we offer FREE SHIPPING- book orders will be picked up on the first day of class. PLEASE NOTE: If you will not be attending class and only wish to purchase the books and get them sooner, please call customer service to place your order.